Thursday, 31 October 2013

Beauty Gurus You Should Check Out

Hey everyone so I'm not sure if you are aware of this but I really love watching beauty gurus videos on YouTube! I feel like you can learn so much from them and I love seeing other girls perspectives on makeup and fashion etc. So today I have decided to do a post on my favourite YouTubers!
1. I think 'Shaaanxo' ( was probably one of the VERY first beauty gurus I ever saw! She is from New Zealand and she is so amazing and down to earth! I met her when she did a meet up and she seemed like such a genuine person and was so gorgeous! She is EXTREMELY good with her posting and posts a video every other day at 2pm. She is so creative and does amazing special effects tutorials as well as beautiful day to day ones.

2. Saturdaynightsalrite ( or 'Karissa Pukas' I found out about through Shannon. She is from Vancouver but now lives in Australia. I have been watching her for about 1 and a half years now and I'm truly in love with her channel! She is such a lovely girl and has such a great style. Would definitely recommend checking her out!

3. Lauren Curtis is an Australian beauty guru who is known online as 'Lauren Beauty' ( She does amazing dramatic tutorials which would be perfect for clubbing or going out to night events! She also has tonnes of amazing tips on fake tanning for girls who are looking to try it out. She also gives AMAZING advice and has done some really good advice videos on getting out of relationships and moving on which are very maturely done and would be really helpful for young girls.
4. Chloe Morello ( is also an Australian beauty guru (see a trend...) who is literally a makeup wiz! Apart from being absolutely stunning.. Chloe does amazing makeup tutorial and has literally perfected winged eyeliner like no one else has! Her makeup tutorials are so simple but look so beautiful and are all very wearable.

5. Another amazing Beauty Guru, whom all of you have probably heard about, is Michelle Phan ( Michelle was one of the very first beauty gurus on youtube and since then she has built up a beauty empire and has recently come out with her very own make up brand, em cosmetics. Michelle constantly makes professional innovative videos that are always so flawless and well put together. Her looks are so creative, but can easily be replicated by the average person at home.

6. Zoe Sugg ( is probably one of the cutest things to ever happen to YouTube. She is an absolutely adorable British YouTuber that is so hard not to LOVE. She is very well known for her 'Hauls' and collaborations with other well known British and American YouTubers. She is so stunning and has amazing style, which she has recently shown off in her latest look book which you can find on her channel.

7. And last but certainly not least is the lovely Tanya Burr. Tanya is a professional makeup artist from the UK and is the one to watch if you love celebrity and seasonal makeup tutorials. She is one of the sweetest most likable people on YouTube and always seems to be smiling. She also does amazing 'Get Ready With Me' videos which she films before she goes out to bug events such as fashion weeks and movie premiers which are really interesting to watch! You can check out her channel at

Autumal Lush Haul/Review

So a while ago I took a cheeky trip into town and bought a few Autumn-ish lush products. In my opinion these three soaps have the perfect autumnal scents and I would happily re-purchase any of them. I love visiting Lush and if I could... would've most likely ended up with every product in the store...

I was interested in the 'Godmother Soap'. I just couldn't resist the specks of purple glitter on the sides of this soap. I instantly fell in love with this soap, and have only just come to realise that the scent of this reminds me of red liquorice. I had this soap sitting beside my bed for a while, whilst I used up my Rockstar soap (also from Lush) and the smell of it always hovered around my head. This soap is so smooth and had no textured bits in it which I personally prefer. I have pretty sensitive skin so most of the time soaps with exfoliating properties tend to irritate my skin. I do find that some lush soaps also don't lather and foam up very much due to them not containing harsh chemicals which cause regular soaps to do so.

I had really wanted this 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap for a very long time. Even when I went into the store the shopping assistant recommended it and I knew I couldn't walk out of Lush without it. This soap has a very soft honey scent to it and I think out of all the Lush soaps it is one that would definitely appeal to most people as it is a very neutral smell. This soap is so creamy and leaves your skin feeling so smooth once you have washed it off I was truly astounded! One negative of this soap though is that the honey wax part (dark part on top of soap) is not actually soap and doesn't really wear away so you are left with these hard edges when you are nearing down to the end of the soap which don't feel as nice on your skin. Overall though, I am definitely planning on repurchasing this.
The last soap, which was recommended to me by my mother, was the 'Kharma Soap'. This soap has more of a musky citrusy smell which is a nice change from my regular sweet florally soaps. I feel like this soap has a more 'mature' scent and it would appeal less to younger people who would opt for the sweeter scents like 'rockstar' and 'godmother' (which is featured above). This gives off a super nice scent even when it is wrapped up in its packaging in the bottom of your drawers! It has no textured bits and feels so smooth on your skin but it definitely isn't as creamy as the 'honey I washed the kids' soap.
I hope you liked this style of Haul/Review. I bought all these products in fall so I feel like this post is very fitting for my Northern Hemisphere readers, and Southern if they are interested in purchasing from Lush. As soon as my exams are over I am aiming to get back into a very regular posting routine and I am even considering making a YouTube which I am a little frightened about...
talk to you soon

- ellaarosee

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fall Staple: Lipstik 'Metric' Ankle Boot

In New Zealand we are currently heading into spring, but I thought I'd do a post on these boots I have been loving as it will still apply to those who live in the Northern Hemisphere.
Recently I have been obsessed with ankle boots and had my heart set on getting the perfect pair for autumn. This may seem very simple, but let me tell you I tried on ENDLESS pairs of boots in order to find a pair that complemented my style the most. Some pairs were too chunky, too cheap looking or just plain uncomfortable but luckily I ended up finding the perfect pair, and for a reasonable price.
I purchased this pair from Hannahs, they are the Lipstik 'Metric' boot and I am absolutely in love! these boots are so comfortable, I have walked for miles in these. I love the side cut outs also, I felt that they added a little bit of 'edge' to a plain ankle boot. The tassels on the sides are also removable depending on your personal taste, so you wear these boots on many occasions.

(boots with and without tassels)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Glasshouse Candle: Tahaa

For those of you who know me, you know my love for candles. I have been eyeing up this candle for a very long time, but have always resorted to cheaper options due to the price being quite steep for a candle... But my will power could only last for so long and I ended up caving in a and purchasing it...

If you have ever been into a Peter Alexander store, an Australian company, which makes luxury pyjamas, then this candle is most likely what you have smelt. Every single time I walked past that store I was lured in by the heavenly vanilla caramel aroma seeping through the air. It seems to constantly draw me in and  somehow I end up wanting to purchase $100 pyjamas... but now I don't have to be lured in by the wondrous smell as my room currently smells identical!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Top 3 Perfumes

 Hey everyone
I'm sad to say that todays introduction is very similar to my usual ones which start with "I'm sorry about the lack of posts recently..." and finish with "I will post more, I promise". School has been very highly demanding lately as I am preparing for external exams (end of year exams) and all of my teachers have decided that they will all assign me homework at the same time. Needless to say I have been rather busy. Anyways, enough with my sad story about homework on with the post!
I have decided today that I will share my favourite perfumes with you. I have had all of these perfumes for a while and it seems no matter how many I try out, I always come back to these select few.

The first perfume I am in love with and wear religiously is the DKNY eau de parfum in 'Fresh Blossom'. This is my absolute ultimate spring scent. It is very light and funnily enough, a very fresh scent. I received this perfume as a gift in late 2011 and I instantly became obsessed with it. I ran out of this perfume a few months ago, but I managed to pick up another bottle whilst I was in Perth (and for a very low price).
For those who don't know already, I am in fact a Justin Bieber fan, but I honestly did not expect much from this perfume. I expected it to be quite a weak smell that was nothing special, but I was pleasantly surprised. I decided on purchasing the 30ml bottle to make sure I didn't get sick of the scent or end up not using it as much as I intended to. Well, I am already on my second bottle and have even decided to go for the 100ml. I cant say enough about this perfume! I would highly recommend 'someday' to anyone who is looking for a new perfume.
My final favourite perfume is the Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy' perfume. I first discovered this at a friends house as I instantly fell in love with the scent and had to know what it was. I was surprised to find it was a Juicy Couture perfume as I previously owned 'Peace Love' and wasn't particularly impressed, but 'Peace Love' is completely incomparable to this scent. Even to this day I cant help but notice when someone is wearing it as it has such a distinctive smell. I am terrible at describing scents and I am not going to attempt to try. This is a lovely scent as if you are in the market for a new perfume I suggest you check this perfume out also.
So that concludes my top three perfumes. I am absolutely in love with all of these perfumes and wear them all on a daily basis (not all at once of course). They are all very soft and elegant scents which are great for every occasion.
Talk to you soon
- ellaarosee

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Maybelline Mascara Review

Hello Lovelies

So today I have decided to review and compare some of my favourite Maybelline Mascaras. I love Maybelline Mascaras and have used and previously owned almost all of the different ones currently for sale in New Zealand. I wear mascara on a daily basis and yet out of all the mascaras I have tried the Maybelline mascaras just last and last and last. They never dry out or get clumpy which is why they are ideal for me as I always have multiple mascaras on the go at once so this means they never get old before I actually finish the Mascara

The newest Mascara I have bought by Maybelline is 'The Rocket Volum' Express' Mascara. I had heard a lot of hype about this mascara and was very keen to purchase it when it finally arrived in New Zealand. This mascara has a plastic brush meaning that it really 'clings' on to your lashes and spreads them out. It also adds a large amount of volume to your lashes especially if you curl your lashes first. I tend to only wear this on my top lashes as I don't want to risk wearing it on my bottom lashes and mascara always smudges on my lower lashes if its not waterproof. This is probably my favourite mascara at the moment.
The second Maybelline Mascara I have been really enjoying is the 'Mega Plush Volum' Express' Mascara. I don't normally buy waterproof mascaras and I really only bought this one in waterproof as it was the only one left and I was so glad I did. I find with mascaras that say waterproof will still normally smudge and the smudging just becomes extraordinarily difficult to remove as it is waterproof. This mascara literally wont budge! This has been one of my most worn mascaras of the moment. I wear it everyday on my bottom lashes and it is the perfect mascara for wearing to the gym (Mascara is the only makeup I would ever wear to the gym if I am wearing any). Again the brush is plastic so it really spreads out your lashes. The brush also bens slightly when you are applying this mascara to your lashes to give your lashes more volume.
I have been using the 'Falsies Volum' Express' for a while until mine ran out (gasp) so I was on the look out for one for a good price as Maybelline Mascaras range from $10-$30 depending on if you know where to look. I am absolutely in love with this mascara and I whilst I had none left I forgot how amazing it is. This mascara adds thickness and volume to your lashes without making them look clumpy. It has a hair brush which helps in adding that dramatic look to you lashes. I really love this mascara and especially love how it gives your bottom lashes a sort of smoky look to them.
This mascara, the 'Colossal Volum' Express', was probably one of the very first mascaras I ever owned and it is still one of my all time favourite mascaras. I wore this mascara all through summer and if it can survive the 42 degree heats of Perth than I can clearly state that it is completely waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof. If I could only own one mascara it would probably be this one as it adds great volume without looking clumpy and making your lashes seem hard like they are about to snap.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

Talk to you all soon

- ellaarosee

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Favourite Makeup Base Products

Hey Everyone
Today I am sharing my favourite foundation/base products with you. These are my go-to products which I have been absolutely loving lately. I have recently been trying out some new products and at first for a few of these I was a bit sceptical but now I am completely converted and in love.
The first product I have been loving is the Garnier BB cream in light for oily/combination skin. This is one of the nicest BB creams I have tried. I offers medium coverage and is buildable and has the nicest luminous flawless coverage. I have been wearing this almost everyday and sometimes I will add a bit of foundation over the top to areas that have a bit more redness or areas I want a bit more coverage. The only downside to this BB cream, is the colour range. This BB cream only comes in three colours light, medium and dark. The medium is very dark and is even too dark for my skin in  summer and the light one is pretty light and I can only get away with it in winter, but im sure in summer I will be able to add a bit of bronzer.
The second product I have been loving is the Revlon Colorstay foundation in '240 Medium Beige'. I had heard far too much on the internet about this product, I always just shrugged my shoulders as it seemed to be exactly the same as Maybelline SuperStay Foundation and it is similar, but still very different at the same time. I find this foundation is more buildable coverage and if you are looking for a flawless finish you can layer it to create that fuller coverage look. I find this is also more blendable than the Maybelline SuperStay and you have more time to work with it. I really love this product and I feel that their colour range fits my skin tone more than Maybellines as most of their foundations have pink undertones and Revlon foundations have more yellow undertones.
 The last product I have been loving is the Maybelline FitMe concealer in '20 Sand Sable'. This concealer is a great spot concealer and also a great highlighter/brightener for under your eyes. It offer medium coverage and I find it is quite hydrating and doesn't cake up throughout the day. I have been using this concealer for over a year now and no matter how many I try I always come back to this one.
 Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will talk to you soon.

- ellaarosee