Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Fashion World: Down Under

Recently I have noticed that blogger is mainly filled with British or American writers and most of the fashion is based around what is going on in the northern hemisphere. Living in the Southern Hemisphere, I notice that the weather is slowly evolving into winter and the Fashion World is lacking direction and interest, as our inspirations from the Northern Hemisphere’s pants are becoming shorts and t-shirts becoming tanks.
So starting May 1st, I have decided to make this month all about The Fashion industry in Australia and New Zealand. From models to bloggers, trends to designers, high end to low end, beauty to fashion, I will posting about all things fashion in the area commonly referred to as ‘Down Under’.
Stay tuned as I will be posting twice a week
- ellaarosee
Pictured Above
Australian Blogger, Jessica Stein ( wearing Lover the Label
Australian Model, Miranda Kerr, For Australian Vogue
British Model, Cara Delevingne, For Sass and Bide

Monday, 8 April 2013

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Well Hello There
As you can possibly tell by my lack of posts recently, I can be very easily distracted. I have been planning on writing a new blog post for quite a while. This has also been delayed as my camera has been playing up, hence the reason this isn’t my photograph.
Over Easter break my best friend and I decided to go shopping in the city. We were very controlled and hardly purchased anything… until we went in to lush. Now I’m not normally the type of person who actually buys stuff from shops like lush and the body shop. Tend to normally go in and Lush look around. This is mainly because when I buy a nice body scrub or bath bomb, I always feel it looks to nice or smells to nice to use and I end up never using them. Which is a complete waste, I know. But this time my best friend convinced me to try out this lip scrub.
‘Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. This one will make your lips smell like our best-selling Snow Fairy shower gel. Bubblegum is made with exfoliating castor sugar and our delicious vegan flavour to gently scrub away rough skin, keeping your lips smooth and kissably soft. Simply rub it over your lips when they feel the need for some sugar.’
At first I wasn’t very keen, as my lips are very sensitive and I can’t normally use scented products on them, but I think I got lured in by the amazing smell of it. It contains jojoba oil, which is great for your skin and is used also on damaged cuticles to repair them. The best part of it is when you are finished you lick it off, which at first seemed a bit strange when my friend told me but once I tasted it, it all made sense. I was so surprised at how well this lip scrub worked. It is just so amazing! It smells absolutely incredibly like a mixture of candy floss and bubble gum. If you were to imagine what ‘Pink’ would smell like, that would be the smell. After only one use my lips felt smooth and softer than they’ve ever been.
I definitely recommend this to anyone who has sensitive lips but is interested in owning a lip scrub.
Talk to you soon
- ellaarosee
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