Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumal Lush Haul/Review

So a while ago I took a cheeky trip into town and bought a few Autumn-ish lush products. In my opinion these three soaps have the perfect autumnal scents and I would happily re-purchase any of them. I love visiting Lush and if I could... would've most likely ended up with every product in the store...

I was interested in the 'Godmother Soap'. I just couldn't resist the specks of purple glitter on the sides of this soap. I instantly fell in love with this soap, and have only just come to realise that the scent of this reminds me of red liquorice. I had this soap sitting beside my bed for a while, whilst I used up my Rockstar soap (also from Lush) and the smell of it always hovered around my head. This soap is so smooth and had no textured bits in it which I personally prefer. I have pretty sensitive skin so most of the time soaps with exfoliating properties tend to irritate my skin. I do find that some lush soaps also don't lather and foam up very much due to them not containing harsh chemicals which cause regular soaps to do so.

I had really wanted this 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap for a very long time. Even when I went into the store the shopping assistant recommended it and I knew I couldn't walk out of Lush without it. This soap has a very soft honey scent to it and I think out of all the Lush soaps it is one that would definitely appeal to most people as it is a very neutral smell. This soap is so creamy and leaves your skin feeling so smooth once you have washed it off I was truly astounded! One negative of this soap though is that the honey wax part (dark part on top of soap) is not actually soap and doesn't really wear away so you are left with these hard edges when you are nearing down to the end of the soap which don't feel as nice on your skin. Overall though, I am definitely planning on repurchasing this.
The last soap, which was recommended to me by my mother, was the 'Kharma Soap'. This soap has more of a musky citrusy smell which is a nice change from my regular sweet florally soaps. I feel like this soap has a more 'mature' scent and it would appeal less to younger people who would opt for the sweeter scents like 'rockstar' and 'godmother' (which is featured above). This gives off a super nice scent even when it is wrapped up in its packaging in the bottom of your drawers! It has no textured bits and feels so smooth on your skin but it definitely isn't as creamy as the 'honey I washed the kids' soap.
I hope you liked this style of Haul/Review. I bought all these products in fall so I feel like this post is very fitting for my Northern Hemisphere readers, and Southern if they are interested in purchasing from Lush. As soon as my exams are over I am aiming to get back into a very regular posting routine and I am even considering making a YouTube which I am a little frightened about...
talk to you soon

- ellaarosee

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