Sunday, 14 July 2013

Winter Reds

Winter Holidays have FINALLY arrived, which means I have no assignments and can get back to doing what I love, which is blogging! So this week I have decided to share some of my favourite nail polish colours which I will be wearing religiously during the winter. I like to keep my nail colours very classic and I don't stray too far from pinks and reds often. I have darker reds for winter and more coaly/ lighter ones for in summer.
left-right, Revlon 270 'Cherries in the Snow', Revlon 675 'All Fired Up' and Revlon 740 'Getting Ready'

Revlon 740 'Getting Ready' - Deep Red with Golden Shimmers throughout

Revlon 675 'All Fired Up' - Classic Red

 Revlon 270 'Cherries in the Snow' - Deep, Berry Red

Talk to you soon

- ellaarosee

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