Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Haul

Hello Lovelies
So… I happened to stumble across another makeup sale… They have these generally every three or four months in different locations all around Auckland, and this time funnily enough, it was about two minutes from my house. I don’t even live in central Auckland so having a makeup sale by my house and in my hometown seemed a bit strange, but either way I ended up going.

The makeup sales are usually in big ‘outlet’ type stores or event centres in the city. They basically have big long tables from one end of the room to another and on top they have small plastic open-topped boxes. The make-up is ‘tossed’ in there and you have to file through the boxes to find something decent that isn’t covered in foundation or crushed powder. Most of the stuff there is also either exceptionally dark or frightfully pale, making foundation shopping difficult. This is because all the cosmetics that they are selling are ‘rejects’ that didn’t sell well in the stores so they try sell them off at half price or more. Even though the stuff is mostly grungy looking, every now and then you find some real gems and I was lucky enough to stumble across quite a few. Initially I just went along for a ‘look’… ninety dollars later…

I first went to the eye shadows and other eye products. Most of these were odd shades of greens and blues which aren’t as wearable as the usual taupe’s and bronzers that I tend to lean towards. But I managed to dig deep enough through the box and find a really nice Maybelline New York, Eyestudio baked eye shadow. I have previously owned one of these and it is simply amazing. For drugstore it is such good quality and is extremely pigmented. I’m looking forward to trying out some different looks with this. The colour I picked up is 80, Sinful Sinnamon. It is quite reddish/coppery and although it isn’t one of the colours I would normally go for I still think that it is still a safe colour.

The second eye shadow I picked up is the Revlon CustomEyes palette in the colour 005, Gold Spun. These colours are so pretty and it has a nice balance of shimmery and matte colours. I’m really into gold eye shadows at the moment with black smudged through the upper lash line so I’m looking forward to having a play with this product.

The next area I went to was the foundation section. Sadly they didn’t have my colour in any of the decent foundations so I moved onto concealers. I was over the moon to find that they had one Maybelline FitMe concealer left in my colour (20, Sand Sable). This is the concealer that I have been using for the past few months and it is yet to fail me.

I then went over to the lipsticks not really expecting to find anything decent as usually all the colours that are left are washed out nudes or dark vampy reds. I ended up picking up The Revlon Super Lustrous® Lipstick in 007, In the Red. It is a medium red and has a matte finish which I really like as I feel it gives a look a more polished look, plus if you want to go for a satin finish you can always add a gloss over the top.
I also ended up picking up a L’Oreal Studio Secrets lip liner in the colour 051, Red. Now I didn’t really have time to swatch this, but the colour looked relatively close to the lipstick that I had just picked up so for $6 I ended up just going for it anyway. I was thrilled to find that it matches perfectly with the Revlon Lipstick in 007, In The Red.

I then continue grazing through the lipsticks and discovered they had some of the new Maybelline Colour Whispers. These haven’t even gone on sale in New Zealand so you can imagine my shock when I found them at this little outlet sale. I have been hearing everyone in American and the UK rave about how amazing they are, and being a Maybelline fan I have been desperate to try them. I ended up picking up one in the colour 30, Pin up Peach. It is such a beautiful soft girly pinkie peach. I really like with these how they are super moisturising and they also have a really nice glossy finish. I am looking forward to using this in spring as I feel that it is a very fresh flirty colour.

I ended up making the fatal mistake of looking at the mascara table… I ended up picked up two Maybelline Mascaras as I find all the ones I have tried so far, absolutely amazing. I chose The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara, which promises ‘explosive volume, even from root to tip’, and The Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara which guarantees ‘Mega Volume, No brittle feel’. I am excited to try these two mascaras as they both sound great and I have heard fabulous things about them already on the internet.

So that concludes my little haul. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you enjoy my haul posts and want me to do more. If there are any products that you would be interested in me reviewing let me know as well as I love trying new products.

Talk to you soon


- ellaarosee


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