Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chinese New Year

So I have been incredibly slack lately. I wish I could say I have been extremely busy and will be posting about all the amazing things I’ve been doing, but I haven’t. Basically I have been overloaded with school work and have 4 internal assessments due within the same week, which is driving me nuts. During all of this craziness I managed to find time to go to one of my favourite events of the year, which is the Chinese Lantern Festival. In Auckland City, they decorate the whole of Albert Park with lanterns. They place them everywhere possible, in fountains, dangling from the trees and over the paths. It is so beautiful, my photos don’t do it justice. If you live in Auckland and ever think of going, I definitely recommend that you check it out. Basically it marks the New Year that starts in China, and I decided seeing as my New Year’s Resolutions failed as per usual I figured I would set the Chinese New Year as my start of New Beginnings and New things.

The first one is one I have been intending to do since I started high school yet have never had the motivation to start. Get Involved. When I started College everyone enthused to me how I should ‘be a part of as many things as you can’, and ‘sign up for lots of things!’. I’ve always looked past what they’ve said and thought ‘yeah, yeah who really has time to do all this’, and I’ve realised that it’s not particularly difficult to ‘make time’ for things that are important. I seem to have realised that you really do get out, what you put in (if that makes sense). In short I think if you put in a lot of effort to get involved and try new things you will get so much out of it like good experiences, new friends and new skills you may have otherwise never gained.

I have only been doing these new things and already been able to meet and get to know some amazing people who have already had such a huge impact on my life. I also feel having doing more things I have a tonne more energy and look forward to my day, instead of praying something would be cancelled or that I didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning.

Another thing I’ve been aiming to do, that I’m sure 99% of people aim to do, is to go to the gym more. Now, like all humans on the planet I have given myself the typical tasks of ‘eating healthy’ and ‘going to the gym more’ etc. I’m not prepared to comment on the healthy eating part (Thanks Tasman for getting me hooked on banana cake again, which has been breaking me out, but is still TO DIE FOR) but as the gym part goes I really do feel I am getting the benefits of going again. Sure, whilst doing classes or any physical recreation you are pushing yourself hard at you feel like your legs are going to fall off and your arms will NEVER feel normal again, and the next day every stair you climb hurts 10x more than the last, every time you sneeze your abs burn. But it can only get easier right? Exercise is not only good for the body, but it is truly GREAT for the mind. I have never before regretted going to the gym but I have often regretted NOT going.

 Socializing is always something I haven’t been particularly great at. The thought always hovers over my head that ‘no one will come if you organise it’ and ‘everyone is probably too busy’, which has basically stopped me from organising things and going out and being social. Truth is in the past I have been the one constantly organising things for people to do, like trips to town, movie days, bowling trips and many other things along those lines. I have only recently realised that no one’s going out doing these social things anymore, because no one is planning for them to happen and the planner (myself) has become incredibly lazy and doesn’t make the time to socialise. So, My Chinese New Year Resolution is to start organising things and making more time for my social life.

Another thought that does kind of fit with my ‘socialising goal’ but does deserve its own goal, is to say ‘YES’ more. I know this seems awfully simple but it sometimes really is a problem when sometimes your iPad loves you more than your friends and there’s an 8hr Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon on. Really though, sometimes it is easier to just stay in and not bother about leaving your cosy room and going out to socialise with people and know that there is a risk of being out of your comfort zone or put in an awkward situation. When I really think about it though most of the time I have been talked into going out I have thoroughly enjoyed it and was so glad that I went. Since I’ve started saying ‘yes’ to more things I’ve gotten to meet new people and even been able to catch up with people I otherwise would’ve never seen.
In a way all of my Resolutions link together and If I start by achieving one, It will help me to achieve them all. Like since I have been doing more exercise, like going to the gym, I feel more confident and like I have a lot more energy. Seeing as I feel more confident and have more energy I can sign up for more things and get involved in more sports. Getting more involved has introduced me to many new people and I have made so many new relationships and built stronger bonds with people from different groups. Since I’ve been friendly with different groups I have been invited to more things and been given the opportunity to socialise more and say YES to more things.

So If you are ever thinking or procrastinating about making changes in your life, starting in one aspect of your life can greatly influence others and you’ll never look back.

Talk to you soon
- ellaarosee