Sunday, 3 February 2013

Introduction to 'ellaarosee'

My blogging cherry has finally been 'popped' I guess you can say. For months now I had been pondering the thought of making a blog and I now can say I have fallen to the temptation of it. The reason it seems to have taken so long is that I'm not exactly sure what I should be posting... And more importantly what do I have to say that is worth being read or heard. I have been reading a lot of other peoples blogs lately trying top get a good 'feel' of whats right and wrong in the world of blogging, and I can honestly say I have come to the conclusion that there isn't exactly a right or wrong as a blog is all about ones own opinion. I have realised that in a way it doesn't matter how many views you have or whether what you have to say has any interest to someone else. A blog is supposed to be there so you can release all your feelings to the world without having to be judged by reality. I will try to pour my heart and soul into this blog and keep whoever is reading (even if its only my best friend, or mother) updated on my interests, my world, my life and my mistakes. Even if what I write is insightful to one person or makes someone smile I will feel that its worth pursuing this blog and keeping it active and alive.

So now I guess I must move on to the less interesting part, which is who is behind the keyboard writing all this nonsense for the so called 'world' to potentially read. Well, I'm 15 and although you may think a 15 year old's work wouldn't be worth reading and her life probably only consist of school and social 'issues', you will be pleased to know in a way you a right. By making this blog I hope to add more interest into my life to keep anyone reading interested and wanting to come back in a month or so to check out my progress on making my life more exhilarating. Hopefully my first proper blog post will be live within a week and I will be able to start ranting on about everything, but until then I will leave you with a well known quote of "what would you do tomorrow, if you knew you couldn't fail?". Now go out there and do it.

Talk to you soon

- ellaarosee


  1. Hey beautiful! Welcome to Blogger! If you have a little bit of time would you mind checking out my blog? Yours is gorgeous (I love your background!) and can't wait for you to post some more x

    1. Thank you so much! I will check it out now. I am planning on at least once a week (hopefully twice once I get the swing of things) x

  2. such a good post, look forward for future ones, hope you can check out my blog in your spare time x

  3. Such lovely blog :-) xx well done :-) I wish mine were as interesting as yours and I love your background :-)